Final Blog Post

I really learned a lot more in this class than I expected to. I had always watched movies, but after taking this course, I feel like I can really appreciate the value a movie has. I feel like I can look at a film and analyze it stylistically and thematically.

My favorite movies we watched in class in no particular order were Contempt, Modern Times, Spirited Away, and A Clockwork Orange. I felt like these films all had a great balance between stylistic importance, diagetic importance, and thematic importance. These films all opened my eyes to how different elements of a film can come together to send a message, usually sent by the director. These films also made me realize how political filmmaking is. All of the films we watched in class had some sort of inspiration behind them that had something to do with current events, or history, or personal trauma of the writer. My eyes are now open to the world of possibilities and inspirations that go into making a movie.

Particularly, I found it interesting to discuss a certain topic in class, and then have an example of that topic in the film we would watch. All of my favorite films in this class also helped to bolster down our lessons in my head. For example, for Contempt we studied shot spacing, and the brilliant shot spacing of the film really helped me to understand the lessons.

Also, watching foreign films in this class inspired cross the actual borders of film into other countries and cultures. Since watching Yojimbo, I watched several other Kurosawa films, and since watching Contempt, I was inspired to use another french film for one of my papers.

All in all, I really appreciated the values that this class has to offer. I learned a lot about all aspects of film, and even improved my writing and organization skills, from the three papers.



3 thoughts on “Final Blog Post

  1. I feel the same way! I love watching a movie and analyzing it with the techniques we learned. This class has taught me countless lessons on film that I now apply every time I watch a new movie. Essentially, I really feel that that this class has given us all the tools to not just enjoy a movie, but truly understand it as well. As you mentioned with the politics within a movie, it is very important to research the history taking place when the film is made to understand the real motivation behind making it. I now find myself constantly searching articles and looking up IMDB to find the little details that sometimes go unheard of in a film. I too have to thank this class for reminding me that America isn’t the only place in which they make great films. I’m truly grateful that ENG 2300 has expanded my film horizons and has introduced me to the wonderful foreign films we have watched. For me, this class truly went beyond the classroom.

  2. I agree with your choice of favorite movies as well as with what you said about the class in general. Movies were entertaining before but after taking this class I feel like I understand and appreciate them more. Learning the reasons behind the shot spacing and certain editing elements help to connect with the filmmakers and understand the story better. After seeing all of the work that goes into making these films it also makes it easier to enjoy the movie as the audience sees it as art. This is especially true in films like Spirited Away and Hugo as the animation really brings art to the film. Now when I watch movies, not only will I understand the motives behind them better, but I will all around enjoy watching them more.

  3. I definitely appreciated Contempt. The movie may be one of the most boring out there, but the framing and mise-en-scene was amazing and it all meant something. The audience can feel the distance between the two people without any meaning in the dialogue. I also really enjoyed analyzing the old films, which I believe you commented on my post from before. I really do love this class, and I have grown fond of you guys. I liked you cause you commented on my posts with interesting perspectives and I wanted to let you know that. The class as a whole did not socialize that much but I enjoyed interacting with everyone over the blog and twitter. Have a great break and see you around next semester!

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