This is Not the End!

This class was my favorite class out of all the classes I had this semester. It was so much fun to come to class and discuss movies, which is the main source of entertainment and joy in my life. Getting to pick the movies to analyze made working on the essays so enjoyable, even though english is my weakest subject, next to history. In the beginning, I picked this class for the credit and words. But even if I didn’t have those, with the knowledge of this amazing class, I would have taken it no matter what. I can no longer look at movies the same way anymore, and it’s all thanks to this class.

My favorite movie was definitely Spirited Away, but I’m sure a lot of people share a similar opinion. It was so much fun to watch, and when the class aired it and analyzed it, it made me fall in love with the film even more. My favorite film to analyze was actually Metropolis, the movie was so old and I found so many different interesting elements in the film.

The movie I disliked the most was Hugo, as I mentioned in my Hugo post. I simply didn’t like how magical it was, or how the character acted. Maybe it was a bad day and I was hoping to see another japanese film. But the ending was still good, and it was an overall positive message from the movie.

ENG2300 Film Analysis taught me to be more aware of movies as an art and appreciate it. The research paper on Gattaca I completed was amazing, it was more fun than hassle. Even staying up till 5am doing it was fine. It also helped to have a great Instructor. I was actually in the earlier Film Analysis class, and I am really grateful I switched. This isn’t the end of film analysis, what I learned in this class will follow me for the rest of my life! Thanks for a great semester! And Happy Holidays!


One thought on “This is Not the End!

  1. I definitely agree that this class gave me skills that I will voluntarily, even involuntarily, use when watching a film. As I mentioned, I would normally watch a movie and just look for a familiar actor or a scene with some good action. Now I am more aware of the sound and how it goes with the current situation of the film. How lighting and emphasize or dampen character emotion and convey certain feelings to their viewers.

    I completely see where you’re coming from with Spirited Away. I usually don’t watch animated films but after analyzing, discussing, and thinking about the films development I appreciate it way more. I’d have to say my favorite movie to analyze was A Clockwork Orange but I guess what we have in common is that now we actually analyze a film versus just watching it.

    Out of all my classes this class was really refreshing and eye opening to (movies) something thats a part of everyones life no matter where you’re from or who you are; probably why theres so many genres huh.

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